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Lesotho is a southern African state completely surrounded by South Africa, without an outlet to the sea.

Its territory is predominantly mountainous, entirely located above 1000 meters of altitude and dominated by the Drakensberg chain and by the peak of Mount Thabana Ntlenyana which, with its 3482 meters, is the highest in Southern Africa. It has a rather poor vegetation, linked to seasonal and regional rainfall trends, which are concentrated in the summer months and on the eastern side, and make difficult both animal life and agriculture.

The frequent and persistent droughts heavily affect especially the rural population, most of the about 2 million inhabitants of the country, who live outside the main urban centers, and are subject to famines, precarious hygienic-sanitary conditions and epidemics.

Drought and other extreme climatic phenomena, such as floods and invasions of locust weeds, are aggravated by climate change and the precarious economic and social conditions of a very poor country, with an economy heavily dependent on that of its large South African neighbor.

MASE has started the cooperation with Lesotho in 2006 with the signing of a first Memorandum of understanding  which led to the development of two projects on alternative energies.

    Memorandum of Understanding (New York, April 2016 – April 2021)

Counterpart:  Ministry of Energy and Meteorology of the Kingdom of Lesotho
Allocation: 2 million Euros, integrable
Intervention areas:

  • promotion and development of renewable energies;
  • development of a national system for measuring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions;
  • development of renewable energies and increase in energy efficiency;
  • actions to oppose the deforestation process and degradation of wooded areas, in synergy with the United Nations REDD+ Program.
- Memorandum of Understanding Italy - Lesotho (April 21, 2016, ENIT
- Lesotho Work Plan (October 20, 2016, EN)


    Current projects
MASE financing

 Support Renewable energy potential maps for Lesotho 

Euro 1.205.000
   Energy refurbishment of four health centers in Lesotho   Euro 730.000



    06/12/2018   Fourth meeting of the Joint Committee: approved the Energy refurbishment of four health centers in Lesotho project
    19/04/2018   Third meeting of the Joint Committee in Maseru: launch of the renewable sources’ mapping project
    21/04/2017   Second meeting of the Joint Committee in Rome: project approved for the renewable sources’ mapping in Lesotho
    22/12/2016   First technical mission Ministry of the Environment - ENEA in Lesotho
    20/10/2016   First Joint Committee meeting in Johannesburg: Work Plan approved



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