Third Joint Committee in Maseru: launch of the renewable sources mapping project in Lesotho and start of the first energy efficiency and renewable energy development projects


Maseru, April 9, 2018 – The third meeting of the Italy-Lesotho Joint Committee was held in Maseru.

The Italian delegation, led by the Director General Francesco La Camera, met high-level representatives from the Ministries of Energy, Foreign Affairs and Planning, receiving unanimous support for the cooperation activities.

The meeting of the Joint Committee was an occasion for the launch of the project regarding the territorial mapping of the major renewable sources’ energy potential, (solar, wind, hydropower), implemented by ENEA, which will see the delivery of the first maps by the end of 2018 and will close at the beginning of 2020.

Among the future further collaboration activities training and capacity building were called, as well as monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions, (MRV), forestation and the development of off-grid technologies for access to energy in rural areas.

At the same time, a technical visit was carried out to 4 health facilities located in the rural areas of the North of the country, which could be the subject of an energy redevelopment project through energy efficiency interventions and the provision of off-grid photovoltaic systems for access to energy. 


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