First technical mission Ministry of the Environment – ENEA in Lesotho


Maseru, December 22, 2016 – Between December 19 and 22, experts from the Italian Ministry of the Environment, supported by a group of technicians from ENEA, carried out a technical mission to Maseru, in Lesotho, to focus on the priorities of bilateral cooperation within the scope of the Protocol signed with Lesotho Ministry of Energy, Meteorology and Water, (MEMWA), in April 2016.

The meetings were widely attended, demonstrating the counterpart's attention to the opportunities offered by the Ministry of the Environment. Numerous issues, needs, requests have emerged over the weeks. Some of these, considered of utmost importance by the counterpart, will be brought to the attention of the next Joint Committee, (JC), to evaluate their possible inclusion in the short-term work program.

The mission was also an opportunity to hold bilateral meetings with local Ministries and Departments, including: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Energy, Meteorology and Water, (MEMWA), the Electricity Company, (the main public utility of Lesotho), the National Statistics Office, the Water Commission, the Ministry of Forests and Land Reclamation, (MFLR).

During the meetings, technical aspects of the projects previously discussed and approved in the Joint Committee were explored, with particular reference to the mapping of the energy potential of four renewable sources: solar, wind, hydro, biomass.

The counterpart has also expressed particular interest in projects concerning forest planning, forestation, and in the development of projects within the United Nations program framework, REDD plus, for the fight against deforestation and the degradation of wooded areas.


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