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Argentina stands in the eastern part of the southern cone of South America. The Cordillera of the Andes separates it to the west from Chile. To the north it borders Bolivia and Paraguay, and to the north east the great rivers Uruguay and Rio de La Plata mark the border with Brazil and Uruguay. To the east it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

The layout of the territory and the altitude have a decisive influence on the topography of the country and contribute to the variety of climate and vegetation.

Climate change manifests itself in Argentina through heat waves that make water availability more limited, favoring the rapid loss of moisture from the soil and vegetation.

The collaboration between Italy and Argentina in the environmental field began in 2017 with the signing of an Agreement on Climate Change. The project resulting from the agreement has, as its objective, the management of fires, which are very widespread in the country. During COP27 a new Agreement on Sustainable Development was signed.



COP27 new Memorandum of Understanding signed

As part of the cooperation between the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security of Italy, (MASE), and the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina, (MAyDS), a new Memorandum of Understanding was signed alongside CoP27 in the field of sustainable development. The MoU was signed by DG Modiano, (DG AEI), and DG Martin Illescas, (DG Projects with External Financing and International Cooperation).



    Memorandum of Understanding (Sharm ElSheikh, November 2022 – November 2027)

Counterparty: Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina (MAyDS)
Intervention Areas:

  • Improve water resource management and protect water-related ecosystems (SDG 6)
  • Promote access to sustainable, renewable and efficient energy (SDG7)
  • Encourage the adoption of conscious consumption models (SDG 12)
  • Strengthen and coordinate efforts to combat global climate change and address its adverse effects (SDG 13)
  • Promote sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources (SDG 14)
  • Protect, restore and enhance the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems (SDG 15)
  • Increase international support for capacity building in developing countries (SDG 17)



 Memorandum of Understanding Italy - Argentina (November 11, 2022, EN)


    Ongoing projects

 Strengthening Fire Early Warning and Statistics Systems in Argentina

Euro 1.181.588



    11/11/2022   COP27 signed new Memorandum of Understanding


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