Memorandum of Understanding (Buenos Aires, May 2017 – May 2022)

Counterparty: Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development of the Argentine Republic.
Intervention Areas:

  • Improving the collection, management and forecasting of climate data, through the development of early warning, monitoring, recording and data acquisition systems for vulnerability and risk assessment to climate change.
  • Development of renewable energy sources and improvement of energy efficiency.
  • Promotion of sustainable forest management within local communities, forest recovery, deforestation and forest degradation.
  • Support for sustainable agricultural and animal husbandry practices.
  • Revitalization of an efficient and low-carbon transport system



- Memorandum of Understanding Italy - Argentina (May 8th, 2017, EN, IT, ES)
- Italy - Argentina Working Plan (August 27th, 2018, EN)




    14/01/2021   Third meeting of the Joint Committee
    13/12/2018   Third meeting of the Joint Committee
    27/08/2018   First meeting of the Joint Committee: project for the protection of wodden areas approved
    08/05/2017   Official visit of President Mattarella to Argentina: agreement on the environment signed





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