Technical agreement (Marrakesh, 18 November 2016 - November 2021)

Counterpart: Ministry of the Environment, Forest and Climate Change of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
Allocation: € 2,000,000, integrable
Intervention areas:

• development of information and early warning systems for monitoring and controlling climate events;
• forest management and conservation;
• promotion of sustainable agriculture that is more resilient to climate change;
• improvement of irrigation systems, treatment, saving and collection of water;
• reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
• capacity building and training.

 - Italy-Ethiopia Memorandum of Understanding (November 18th, 2016, EN
 - Amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding (November 16th, 2017, EN)
 - Ethiopia Work Plan (May 16th, 2017, EN)
 - Training course handouts on Policy Responses to Climate Change: Sustainable Development And Energy Transition (Addis Abeba, February 27th, 2018 – March 2nd, 2018)

* The current name of the Ethiopian Ministry is Environmental Forest and Climate Change Commission (EFCCC).

    Memorandum of Understanding (29 September 2017 - duration 1 year)

Counterpart: Global Green Growth Institute

Allocation: € 100,000
Intervention areas:

  • strengthening capacity building and knowledge transfer activities in the fields of sustainable development;
  • support for communication on the state of implementation of the National Determined Contributions, (NDC), presented by the Ethiopian Government within the Paris Agreement;
  • support for the implementation of the project proposals approved under the agreement between the Italian and Ethiopian Ministry of the Environment.
 - Agreement with the Global Green Growth Institute (September 2017, EN)



    29/04/2021   Fifth meeting of the Joint Committee
    26/02/2019   Seminar in Addis Ababa on investment opportunities in the green economy
    26/01/2019   Seminar on environmental cooperation in the Horn of Africa: invitation to companies
    09/01/2019   Workshop in Ethiopia on national climate change mitigation and adaptation goals
    11/12/2018   Fourth meeting of the Joint Committee in Katowice
    06/11/2018   The Ethiopian delegation at Ecomondo
    03/10/2018   New Project in Ethiopia Funded by Italy Replicates Model of Adaptation Fund-Financed Project in the Country
    03/10/2018   Invitation to Italian companies to participate in the technical seminar on new business opportunities in the green sector in Ethiopia
    17/07/2018   Seminar on new business opportunities in the green sector in Ethiopia: invitation to the participation of Italian companies
    08/05/2018   Third Joint Committee meeting, approved 2 new projects on mitigation and adaptation
    27/02/2018   Project “Policy Responses to Climate Change Sustainable Development And Energy Transition”
    15/11/2017   Agreement signed with the Global Green Growth Institute
    15/11/2017   Second meeting of the Joint Committee, 4 projects approved
    04/10/2017   A road map for renewables in Ethiopia
    07/07/2017   First technical mission Ministry of the Environment - Enea in Ethiopia
    16/05/2017   Italy-Ethiopia environmental collaboration: first meeting of the Joint Committee
    14/09/2016   The Ministry of the Environment at the “Climate Diplomacy Week”







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