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Lebanon is a highly vulnerable country in terms of the environment. It is affected, in particular, by overbuilding, deforestation, illegal dumping and excessive exploitation of water resources. The situation has been aggravated by war, political and financial instability and the significant influx of refugees from Syria. 

The environmental collaboration between Italy and Lebanon began in 2016, when the Italian Ministry and the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation, (LCEC), signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement on Sustainable Development with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations, between the two countries, in the field of sustainable development and in the fight against climate change. There are three active projects. 

The focus of the current projects is to promote energy savings and efficiency through the installation of heat pumps for heating in the civil and tertiary sector, and a plan to replace high-energy appliances with low-consumption models. 


   Main Issue

MASE and LCEC Bilateral Meeting

On December 1st, the bilateral meeting was held between the MASE delegation, led by director Roberta Ronzitti and the delegation of the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), the local partner for environmental cooperation projects underway in the country.

The main discussion issue concerned the new Memorandum of Understanding negotiation, which replaces the one that expired last July and, primarily, the progress of the three ongoing projects, the full implementation of which has been delayed due to the country delicate financial situation and to Covid-19.


    Technical Agreement (Rome, July 2016 – July 2019)

Counterpart: Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC)
Intervention Areas:

• Innovation of energy policies;
• Promotion of sustainable and low-carbon technologies;
• Innovative financial policies capable of supporting energy efficiency and renewable energies.

- MASE-LCEC Memorandum of Understanding (July 7, 2016, EN
- Work Plan (July 28, 2016, EN)
- National Action Plan for renewable energy (November 2016, EN)
- Presentation: How NEEREA  Mechanism works EN


    Ongoing projects
  Supporting LCEC in Implementing the Technical Agreement € 101.450
  Heat Pump Project – Phase I (videobrochure) € 2.550.831
  Maximizing Energy Savings from Energy Efficient Home Appliances (video)   € 1.799.375



    01/12/2022    Bilateral Meeting in Beirut
    30/10/2019    Feasibility study for the use of concentrating solar technology (Concentrated Solar Power - CSP)
    19/03/2019    Training seminar on heat pumps
    16/10/2018    Italy/Lebanon Cooperation: tools and goals (video)
    18/09/2018    Delegation of Italian companies together with the MATTM at IBEF 2018
    10/08/2018    Invitation to participate in the International Beirut Energy Forum (IBEF)
    01/08/2018    Third meeting of the Joint Committee, soon a project for the purchase of high-efficiency appliances
    04/05/2018    Seminar on Green Neighborhoods concluded: 15 Italian companies and over 100 B2B
    11/04/2018    BEIRUT: Technical Seminar on Green Neighborhoods (May 3 to May 4, 2018)
    26/09/2018    Invitation to participate in the International Beirut Energy Forum (IBEF)
    02/11/2017    Ecomondo 2017: delegations from China, Iran, Lebanon and Morocco
    20/09/2017    Lebanon: the Beirut Energy Forum took place
    03/09/2017    Expo Astana: presented projects in Lebanon, Botswana, Maldives, Lesotho and Small Pacific Islands
    03/09/2017    Expo Astana: Seminar on the future of renewable energy in cooperation for sustainable development
    13/07/2017    Expression of interest to participate in the International Beirut Energy Forum – IBEF  (radio news)
    Training seminar on heat pumps
    10/01/2017    Expression of Interest for the construction of photovoltaic solar parks in Lebano
    13/12/2016    Second meeting of the Joint Committee: approved the “HeatPump”
    17/11/2016    COP 22: side event on sustainable energy development in Lebanon
    10/11/2016    Ecomondo: the Lebanese delegation visits the plants in the Emilia Romagna Region
    08/11/2016    Lebanese delegation at Ecomondo
    28/07/2016    First meeting of the Joint Committee in Beirut: priority given to energy, sustainable technology and finance for the climate


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