Updated LCEC Launches a New Round for ESCO Qualification

The LCEC has recently launched the third round for ESCO qualification. All individuals and/or companies interested to join the list of qualified ESCO’s are requested to fill and submit the application file. The deadline for submission is Friday, 23 March 2018. To download the application document, check the web link: http://lcec.org.lb/en/LCEC/DownloadCenter/Others#page=2 (download #4). To view the results of the second round, check the web link: http://lcec.org.lb/en/LCEC/DownloadCenter/Others#page=1 (download #3). For more info on the subject, contact Ms. Irène Beucler at the following email address: irene.beucler@lcec.org.lb. The updated list of qualified ESCO’s is expected to be published by end of April 2018.

Ultimo aggiornamento 28.03.2018