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The cooperation activity between the Italian Ministry of the Environment, and the Ministry of the Environment and Energy of the Republic of the Maldives, was launched in 2015 with the signing of a first Memorandum of Understanding which has made it possible to carry out joint projects of particular relevance and great impact in supporting actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

In November 2022, at the COP27, a new Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, which made possible the continuation of the ongoing projects.

The territory of the Maldives is today extremely vulnerable due to its geo-climatic condition, especially during the monsoon season the risks can be clearly seen by observing the fragile socio-economic situation of the country.

Extreme events are intensifying and flash floods, dry spells, high waves, cyclones and high winds are becoming more frequent. This rapid change today requires effective tools for monitoring weather conditions in real time. One of the objectives, for the safety of the territory and the socio-economic conditions of the country, is to create an efficient weather alert network, (Early Warning System), that can anticipate the knowledge of these extreme events.

In collaboration with ENEA, a project was developed which, in economic, technical and, above all, strategic terms, was decisive for equipping the Maldives with an integrated management system for all meteorological and oceanographic data apt to strengthen the capacity for early warning and dissemination of information to the population. This constitutes of a valid support for reducing the impact of meteorological, climatic risks and related ones, and for the definition of regional strategies for adaptation to climate change.  

Always in collaboration with ENEA, 2 projects of high technical-scientific value are underway for the study of ocean energy potential from sea currents and wave motion.



Fonte immagine: MASE

New Memorandum of Understanding signed on November 11, 2022

On November 11, 2022 on the occasion of COP27 the Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Change and Technology.


    Memorandum of Understandings (November 2022 - November 2027)

Cooperation in the field on Sustainable Development

Counterpart: Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Maldives

Areas of intervention:

• Improve water management and protect water-related ecosystems (SDG 6)
• Promote access to sustainable, renewable and efficient energy (SDG7)
• Promote the adoption of conscious consumption patterns (SDG 12)
• Strengthen and coordinate efforts to combat global climate change and address its adverse effects (SDG 13)
• Promote sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources (SDG 14)
• Protect, restore and enhance the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems (SDG 15)
• Increase the international support for capacity building in developing countries (SDG 17)

- Memorandum of Understanding Italy - Maldives (November 11, 2022 EN)


   Ongoing projects
Ocean Energy Resources Assessment for Maldives € 866.245
Development of a sea state forecasting system for the Maldivian Archipelago – Maldives Meteorological Services (MMS) € 605.670
Implementation of an Integrated Meteorological and Climatological Information and Decision Support System at the Maldives Meteorological Service (MMS) € 903.745


    Completed projects
Support Programme for Climate Change 2017-2018 – AOSIS € 931.420
Enhancing weather and climate monitoring and data management capacity of MMS (Maldives Meteorological Service) for reducing vulnerabilities of climate change in the Maldives € 1.341.750



    11/11/2022    COP27 New Memorandum of Understanding signed


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