The Handbook is aimed at illustrating the methods of communication, dissemination, and use of "Made Green in Italy-MGI" logo. MGI is promoted by the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security which is the owner of the scheme “Made Green in Italy”.

The Hand-book governs the use of the MGI logo in accordance with the provisions of art. 7 and Annex IV of the Regulations, referred to the Ministerial Decree no. 56 of 21 March 2018. Its contents integrate what is already provided by the laws in force on the use of the logo and the communication of the qualification process under the "Made Green in Italy" scheme.

The use of the MGI logo represents an opportunity to promote the environmental commitment of the organizations adhering to the scheme and enhance their products by leveraging environmental characteristics. The use of the logo, in fact, allows the organization that adheres to the scheme to:

  • demonstrate the commitment to environmental sustainability by measuring, improving and monitoring the environmental footprint of its products;
  • demonstrate its compliance with the "Made in Italy" criteria and the "Made Green in Italy" scheme;
  • demonstrate their credibility by submitting the MGI documentation to periodic reviews by external parties to the organization who validate its correctness and reliability.


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