The CAE company wins the tender for the construction of 25 automatic weather stations in the Maldives

The Italian company CAE-Innovation for a safer world was awarded with the Tender for the supply and installation of specialized equipment and related services for the construction of 25 automatic weather stations. The call was promoted by the Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Maldives and the Maldives Meteorological Service, under the Memorandum of Understanding on climate change, vulnerability, risk management, adaptation and mitigation, signed in December 2015.

CAE is preparing to implement a component of the project: "Enhancing weather and climate monitoring and data management capacity of Maldives Meteorological Service for reducing vulnerabilities of climate change in the Maldives". This consists in the supply of 25 new weather stations, located in various islands and in the forthcoming airport, with MHAS technology, each equipped with sensors for measuring wind direction and speed, rainfall intensity and accumulation, atmospheric pressure and air temperature and humidity.

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