Bilateral meeting with Rwanda in Bonn

BONN, June 13 – On June 13, in Bonn, as part of MASE cooperation activities, a bilateral meeting was held with the delegation of the Rwanda Environment Management Authority, (REMA). The institution has a mandate on environmental and climate issues for the Rwandan Ministry of Environment, (MoE), and acts as the implementer of the Protocol signed by the MoE itself.

The aim of the meeting was a mutual update on either the state of the art and progress, with respect to what was decided during the last Joint Committee meeting, held in Sharm el-Sheikh, in November 2022, on the margins of COP27.

During its first meeting, the Committee had already adopted the ‘Rules of Procedures and Guiding Principles for the Bilateral Cooperation Mechanism’, and approved the ‘Improved green culture and climate change resilience within Rwandan rural communities’ project.




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