Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition - Four major themes at the center of the discussion among the young protagonists of the climate action

The 400 young people from all over the world attending Youth4Climate will address the main urgencies and priorities of climate action by working around four themes: 1) Youth driving ambition; 2) Sustainable recovery; 3) Non-state actors' engagement; 4) Climate-conscious society. Each theme corresponds to a working group which will be led by two people: a youth representative and a senior expert from international organizations.

1) Youth driving ambition

●   Multilateral: proposals to enhance youth participation in international fora and their ability to meaningfully engage with countries.

●   National: guidelines and recommendations for engaging youth in national climate decision-making processes.

●   Local: proposals to foster youth participation at the local level as to achieve enhanced local climate action.

2) Sustainable recovery

●  Energy transition and green jobs: proposals to drive the energy transition and foster green jobs in the aftermaths of the pandemic.

●  Adaptation and resilience: overcoming the barriers and enhancing the role of Youth in accelerating adaptation and resilience.

●  Nature based solutions: exploring and recognizing the interlinkages between nature and climate change, and the role of natural solutions in supporting livelihoods and achieving sustainable development.

●   Financial flows: proposals for countries on how to realign financial flows so that they support a low carbon and climate resilient future.

●   Tourism: proposals to guide the recovery of the tourism industry worldwide while ensuring sustainability, acknowledging the mutual relations with climate change.

3) Non-state actors’ engagement

●   Food: proposals on how to make food systems less impactive and more climate resilient, as well as to further engage the industry in raising awareness on the mutual relations between climate change and food behaviors.

●   Entrepreneurship: identifying ways to foster transformation processes and push accelerators into climate technology markets.

●   Sports: proposals to reduce the climate impact of the sports industry and to strengthen its role in raising climate change awareness, including by further developing its role within the Climate Action Agenda.

●   Fashion: proposals to improve the engagement and liability of the fashion industry in the fight against climate change, including by further developing its role within the Climate Action Agenda.

●   Arts: exploring ideas to enhance the engagement of the many arts industries with a view to raise the visibility of climate change matters.

4) Climate-conscious society

●    Showcasing impacts and solutions: enable equality through climate action, recognising the rights and leadership of local communities and indigenous people, as well as women, and their unique perspectives in finding solutions.

●   Education: identifying means, topics and standards for environmental education in schools and universities, in the light also of the activities carried out by the Action for Climate Empowerment - UNFCCC.

●   Public awareness and mobilization: developing innovative public and private actions to make the scientific message accessible to all and ensuring mutual engagement between individuals and governments is encouraged and protected.

●   Media: proposals for media to improve narratives and communicate the climate emergency.

Over the last months, the young participants to the Milan’s meeting have been offered opportunities for in-depth online training on the UNDP SparkBlue platform, also thanks to the collaboration with the UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Centers (RCC). The numerous virtual meetings were organized taking into account the geographical areas and the topics on the agenda.

As far as the agenda is concerned, after the institutional opening, on the first day participants will start discussing the four themes. On the morning of the second day participants will continue to work in four groups while in the afternoon the results will be shared and discussed and the final document will be adopted. On the third day, young participants and Ministers attending the Pre-COP will meet and engage in a discussion on the main elements of the outcome document, as well as on the possible next steps.

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