United Nations Environment Program, (UNEP). Its head office is in Nairobi, (Kenya). UNEP was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 following the Stockholm Conference on the Protection of the Environment. Its mandate is to coordinate the environmental activities of the international organizations and to promote the states’ actions.

UNEA - United Nations Environment Assembly. Supreme body of the UNEP was born in 2014, meets every 2 years and it is formed by the representatives of the 193 United Nations member states, by ventures, civil society and other interested parties. It adopts political and administrative decisions, establishes the work program and the budget, and supervises the activity of the secretariat. It also offers, to the international community, the opportunity to draw a balance of the environmental situation, to discuss international strategies for the protection and sustainable use of natural resources, and to establish environmental policy measures.



  February 28th – March 4th, 2022   Fifth session on the United Nations environment, (UNEA5), and fiftieth anniversary of the UNEP 


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