Ukraine, Pichetto: "Italy supports Kiev also on the environment"

Photo: MASEMeeting with Strilets counterpart in New York: cooperation in the overall picture of the country's reconstruction.

Rome, March 23 – “Italy confirms its support and solidarity with Ukraine, victim of Russian aggression, also through its commitment to strengthen cooperation in the field of environmental protection". This has declared Gilberto  Pichetto, Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, during a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, Ruslan Strilets, on the sidelines of the United Nations Water Conference underway in New York.

Pichetto also underlined that "the Ministry of the Environment is working, together with the Ukrainian ministries that have the competences relating to energy and the environment, to finalize the technical cooperation agreement for assistance and cooperation in the environmental sector, within the overall framework of the Italy's commitment to support the reconstruction of Ukraine”.



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