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If, in the course of your professional activity, you produce:

  • urban waste: you are responsible for delivering this waste to your town’s sanitation service, according to the sanitation regulations of your town of residence;
  • special waste: you are responsible for assigning this waste an EWC code, for delivering it to the authorised plants, and for entrusting its transport to parties legitimately enrolled in the National Register of Environmental Operators.


If you produce waste, you are also responsible for keeping the loading and unloading logs and for using the identification forms for the waste at every stage of its transport.


All businesses that perform waste collection and transport activities are responsible for registering with the National Register of Environmental Operators.



If you intend, therefore, to select a firm that is authorised to collect and transport waste, you need to consult the operators register site for the region with territorial authority.

Authorisation to operate a waste collection or disposal facility is issued by the organisations with territorial authority (Regions or Provinces).



The rates for urban waste management are set by the municipality with territorial authority.

The rates for the treatment, collection, and transport depend on the specific rates of the authorised operators, who provide them at the request of interested parties.


         Dumping waste is forbidden; firms and organisations in violation of this will incur the following criminal and financial penalties:

  • in the case of dumping of non-dangerous waste, imprisonment for 3 months to 1 year or payment of a fine of EUR 2.600,00 to 26.000,00;
  • in the case of dumping of dangerous waste, imprisonment for 6 months to 2 years and payment of a fine of EUR 2.600,00 to 26.000,00;

         The unauthorised management of waste conducted by whoever carries out waste collection, transport, salvage, disposal, trade, and brokerage activities without the required authorisation, registration, or communication is penalised as follows:

  • with imprisonment of 3 months to 1 year or with a fine of EUR 2.600 to 26.000, if it involves non-dangerous waste;
  • with imprisonment of 6 months to 2 years and with a fine of EUR 2.600,00 to 26.000,00, if it involves dangerous waste.

         In the case of failure to keep loading and unloading logs, there will be an administrative fine of EUR 2.600,00 to 15.500,00.

If the log relates to dangerous waste, the administrative fine will range from EUR 15.500,00 to 93.000,00.

If the information in the loading and unloading log are formally incomplete or imprecise, but the data reported

  • in the notice to the land register or
  • in the forms or
  • in other accounts kept according to law

make it possible to reconstruct the necessary information, the administrative fine may vary from EUR 260,00 to 2.550,00 The same penalty is applied in cases of failure to retain the loading and unloading log.


  • Relevant legislation

Legislative decree No 152, part IV, of 3 April 2006, Regulations regarding waste management and remediation of contaminated sites.


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