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Kenya is a country in central-eastern Africa, located between Ethiopia and Tanzania and bordered by the Indian Ocean to the south-east. Its territory is mainly composed of plateaus from 2,000 to 5,000 meters high, which rise north of the capital Nairobi. Towards the coasts, to the east, a flat area is extended.

Climate Change brings droughts and floods, weakens the country's socio-economic situation and endangers its great heritage of biodiversity, which boasts many endangered species of African fauna.

The collaboration with Kenya began in 2018 due to the Memorandum of understanding signed in Nairobi.



Nairobi, Italy’s commitment to waste management in slums and geothermal developmentNairobi, Italy’s commitment to waste management in slums and  geothermal development

Nairobi, June, 7, 2023 - The Second Session of UN Habitat continues in Nairobi, attended by the Undersecretary of Environment and Energy Security, Claudio Barbaro, representing Italy. Among the novelties, the signing of Italy’s contribution to UN Habitat as part of the "Waste Wise City" project, on waste management in Korogocho, one of the largest slums in the world, with a positive impact on job creation

COP27 Third meeting of the Joint CommitteeCOP27 Third meeting of the Joint Committee

Sharm El Sheikh, November 9, 2022. On the occasion of COP 27, the third meeting of the Joint Committee was held between the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security and the Kenyan Ministry of Energy and Petroleum.


Memorandum of Understanding (Nairobi, January 2018 – January 2023)

Counterpart: Ministry of Energy and Petroleum of Kenya
Allocation: 3 million Euros that can be integrated
Intervention areas:

  • support for the implementation, monitoring and communication of the Nationally Determined Contributions, (NDCs), in the renewable energy sector;
  • support for the development and implementation of policies, strategies and plans on renewables, in order to achieve the emission reduction target adopted by the Republic of Kenya;
  • promotion of the production and use of renewable energy from geothermal, solar, wind, hydropower and biomass sources;
  • enhancement of energy efficiency;
  • promotion and deployment of renewable energy technologies for off-grid rural electrification as decentralized systems.
- Italy-Kenya Memorandum of Understanding (January 23, 2018, EN)  



   07/06/2023   Nairobi, Italy's commitment to waste management in slums and geothermal development
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   22/06/2018   First meeting of the Joint Committee, in Rome



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