On January 23rd , 2018, in Nairobi, the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and the Ministry of Energy and Oil of Kenya signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a cooperation in the field of sustainable energy, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

The Italian Ministry of the Environment co-finances the activities approved under the MOU with a maximum amount of 3 million euros.

The MOU identifies various cooperation objectives including:

• the support for the implementation, monitoring and communication of National Reduction Targets (NDCs) in the renewable energy sector;
• the support for the development and implementation of policies, strategies and programs on renewable, in order to achieve the emission reduction target set by the Republic of Kenya;
• promoting the production and use of renewable energy from geothermal, solar, wind, hydro and biomass;
• improvement of energy efficiency;
• technological development in the field of renewable for the electrification of rural areas through small plants or off-grid systems.

These objectives will be achieved through joint planning activities, capacity building, training, technology transfer and technical assistance. The participation of the private sector will also be promoted, also in partnership with the public sector, and the involvement of non-governmental organizations, especially in the renewable sector. In order to intercept multilateral funds and increase the scope and the effectiveness of projects and programs, joint fundraising activities will be promoted.


- Memorandum of Understanding Italy - Kenya (23 January 2018, EN)



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