The Agreements

Memorandum of Understanding under negotiation


Memorandum of Understanding
(Rome, May 2016 – May 2021)




     COP 27       Meeting Ministry- Republic of Costa Rica  

   12/12/2019   Second meeting of the Joint Committee
   01/02/2018   First meeting of the Joint Committee, the Work Plan has been adopted


    Memorandum of Understanding, (Rome, May 2016 – May 2021)

Cooperation in the field of climate change vulnerability, risk assessment, adaptation and mitigation

Counterpart: The Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Costa Rica  Budget: -
Areas of intervention:

• improving energy efficiency and conservation, promotion of non-conventional renewable energies;
• promotion of electromobility in public and private transport (Electro Mobility  e E-Mobility);
•  reduction of deforestation and promotion of a sustainable forest management (REDD +);
•  promotion of sustainable and low-carbon agricultural practices
•  promotion of the proper collection and treatment of waste in urban areas
•  strengthening disaster risk governance and national capacities in disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness, in particular for coastal areas.
   in particolare per le zone costiere;
•  Integrated Water Resources Management.



- Memorandum of Understanding Italy - Costa Rica (may 27, 2016, EN, IT, ES)
- Costa Rica Work Plan (february 1, 2018, EN)





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