Italian links



Italian Bat Research Group:

Museum of Natural History, Florence:

Lake Maggiore Parks and Reserves:

Beigua Natural Park bats (Liguria):



University of Pavia Bioacoustics Laboratory:


Bat research

University of Naples "Federico II" - Laboratorio di ecologia applicata

Insubria University (Varese):

Museum “La Specola”, Florence:



International links


Echo the bat adventure:

Basically Bats:

Bat Conservation Trust (BCT):

Bat Conservation International (BCI):

Bat detective:

Buzbee Bat House:

Chiroptera, night fliers:

Neotropical bats:


Flying foxes sanctuary:

Wilson & Reeder’s world mammals, third edition, bats:

In Africa:

American deserts bats:

British bats:

Sydney bats:

North American Symposium on Bat Research:

Organization for Bat Conservation:

Bats Northwest:

Bats of the world (in Spanish):

Bat conservation in Fribourg:

Bat biology illustrated by pistures and videos:

Californian bat site:

Bat World Sanctuary:

Bat conservation in Provence (in French):

Bat conservation in Russia:

Bat conservation in Switzerland (in French and English):

Bat conservation in Germany (in German):

Bat conservation in Australasia:


Bioacoustics and equipment

Pettersson bat detectors:


University of Bristol Bioacoustics Laboratory:


The Belfry bat detector:


Bat research

Brock Fenton, University of Western Ontario:

Christian Dietz, University of Tubingen:


Gareth Jones, University of Bristol: key=67

Gerald Kerth, University of Lausanne:

John Altringham, University of Leeds: tag=Altringham

Paul Racey, University of Aberdeen:

Purdue University, Indianapolis:

Raphaël Arlettaz, University of Bern:

EBD, Spain:

Stuart Parsons, University of Auckland:

Thomas Kunz, Kansas University:

University of Zurich:


Specialized magazines

Acta Chiropterologica:

Bat Research News:

Le Rhinolophe – by the Museum of Natural History of Geneve (in French):

Myotis (in German):
(Forschung - Publikationen - Myotis)

Nyctalus (in German):,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Plecotus (in Russian):


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