G7 Environment Meeting "Environmentally Harmful Subsidies (EHS) and Environmental Fiscal Reforms (EFRs)

Agenda (pdf, 141 KB) 

Background Papers

-  OECD, Towards a G7 Target to phase out Environmentally Harmful Subsidies (pdf, 5.520 MB)
-  OECD, Environmental Fiscal Reform. Progress, Prospects and Pitfalls (pdf, 2.316 MB)


Session 1: Removing Environmentally Harmful Subsidies: an exploration of the issues

-  Ronald Steenblik,  OECD (pdf, 1.147 MB)


Session 2: EHSs in G7 Countries

-  Aldo Ravazzi, Chief Economist, Italian Ministry of Environment - Sogesid TA, 1st Italian Catalogue of EHSs and EFSs (pdf, 2.835 MB) 

-  Augustin Vicard, French Ministry of Environment - French Report on BHSs (Biodiversity Harmful Subsidies) (pdf, 222 KB)


Session 3: Contributions from IGOs

-  Tom Kerr, IFC/WB-CPLC, The WB Carbon Pricing Leaders’ Coalition in the frame of removing EHSs and of Ecological Fiscal Reforms (pdf, 1.265 MB) 

-  David Coady, IMF, The IMF Fossil Fuels Subsidies work in the frame of removing EHSs and of Ecological Fiscal Reforms (pdf, 1.146 MB) 


Session 4: Removing EHSs: Roundtable

-  Franck Jésus, OECD, Agriculture and Fisheries (pdf, 576 KB) 

-  Ronald Steenblik, OECD, Fossil Fuels (pdf, 500 KB) 

-  Kurt Van Dender, OECD, Transport, including Company Car subsidies (pdf, 1.018 KB) 


Session 5: Environmental fiscal reform: principles, progress and pitfalls

-  Kurt Van Dender, OECD (pdf, 2.087 MB) 

-  Discussant: Paul Ekins - GBE Scientific Committee Chair 


Session 6: International aspects

-  Ronald Steenblik, OECD - Trade and EHSs (pdf, 696 KB) 

-  Joy Kim, UNEP - SDGs and EHSs, reflecting on-going work on Green Fiscal Policy (pdf, 838 KB) 

-  Paul Ekins - GBE Scientific Committee Chair - Climate and EHSs (pdf, 718 KB)


Session 7: How to achieve the removal of EHSs by 2025 (G7 Summit 2016) and embarking upon EFRs

-  Malgorzata Kicia, EC, DG-ENV

-  Joy Kim, UNEP

-  Ronald Steenblik, OECD (pdf, 229 KB)

-  Paul Ekins, GBE Scientific Committee Chair





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