COP28, Deputy Minister Gava at 'Res4 Africa' side event: 5 million from MASE to the Sustainable Energy Fund

DUBAI, December 4, 2023. The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, Vanna Gava, took part in the side event organized by Res4Africa and GSE "Gearing up Africa's energy transition by conducive policy and legislative frameworks" at the Italian Pavilion.

The event focused on the design and implementation of a reform program for the electricity sector that takes into account the need to mobilize private sector investment to accelerate a sustainable transformation of the electricity sector in Africa and the role that programs play of technical assistance in this acceleration.

On this occasion, the Ministry's contribution of 5 million Euros to the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa, (SEFA), Special Fund was announced.

This new contribution strengthens Italy's commitment to Africa, a geographical area of primary importance for the energy and climate policies of our country, and the long-lasting cooperative relationships with the African Development Bank started in 2015 with support for first cycle of SEFA and the Africa ClimateChange Fund (ACCF).


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