AOSIS – Alliance of Small Island States


Due to their particular vulnerability to the effects of global warming, Small Island Developing States, (SIDS), are united in a coalition composed of 44 members, (the Alliance of Small Island States - AOSIS), which includes the countries belonging to the following regional groups: Pacific Small Island Developing States, (PSIDS), CARICOM; Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and South China Sea, (AIS).

Since 2017, Italy has been promoting a capacity building program with AOSIS, aimed at developing negotiation and political analysis skills in the context of multilateral negotiations with particular attention to issues of interest to SIDS, such as: oceans, climate change and sustainable development implementation, in SIDS, of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda.

In 2020, it was intended to expand and strengthen the fellowship program both in terms of duration, (3 years), and in the number of fellows, (10), laying the foundations for a more structured relationship between the Ministry of the Environment and AOSIS through the signing, in October 2021, of the Memorandum of Understanding "ITALY - AOSIS Fellowship Programme 2022-2024" fully funded by the Ministry.

Out of a total of 48 young people trained, to date, 19 occupy top positions, both nationally and internationally


Side Event The Italy AOSIS Fellowship

During the work of the 27th Conference of the Parties, (COP), of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, (UNFCCC), an event was held in the Italy Pavilion to celebrate the conclusion of the first year of the capacity building program "Italy - AOSIS fellowship".


    Memorandum of Understanding (October 2021, the program has a three-year duration)

Intervention areas:

• Strengthening of capacity building to increase knowledge, negotiation and political analysis skills in the context of multilateral negotiations concerning

• Multilateral negotiations concerning 30 young people from AOSIS Member States.

- MASE - AOSIS Memorandum of Understandings (October 2021, EN


    Ongoing projects
MASE Contribution
  Capacity Development and Technical Support Programme (finanziamento di due figure professionali di livello senior di supporto alla Rappresentanza Permanente del Belize a NY nello svolgimento del mandato di Presidenza AOSIS). 498.708 USD



    12/11/2022     Side Event The Italy AOSIS Fellowship


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