Like other countries in the area, Botswana is experiencing the effects of climate change with the increase in temperatures and the increase in atmospheric phenomena that have a frequent devastating impact on the territory. The Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security has signed a first Agreement, with the country, on climate change Vulnerability, risk assessment, adaptation and mitigation, and with a particular focus on forest management. This agreement led to the development of three projects, one of which was successfully completed.

At present, MASE is in the process of signing a second agreement and following up on existing projects.


    Memorandum of Understanding (Paris, December 2015 – December 2020)

Counterpart: Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism of the Republic of Botswana
Allocation: 4 million Euros integrable
Intervention areas:

  • Promotion of renewable energies
  • Projects that integrate the “Smart Climate Agriculture” approach
  - Memorandum of Understanding Italy - Botswana (December 11, 2015, EN
  - Amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding (July 5, 2017, EN)
  - Botswana Work Plan (April 27, 2016, EN)
  - ENEA report on the potential of renewable energy in Botswana (May 2017, EN)


    Ongoing projects

Supporting Botswana’s early warning system 

Euro 1.496.932
  Mitigation and Adaptation Actions in the Civil Sector: a Demonstrative Experience in the MENT Buildings Euro 1.247.410


    Completed projects

Technical Assistance to support Botswana's private sector and renewable energy institutions through investment promotion and technology transfer

Euro 99.750



    16/12/2020   Seventh meeting of the Joint Committee
    07/12/2018   Sixth joint committee meeting at CoP 24
    14/11/2017   Fifth meeting of the Joint Committee at CoP 23
    03/09/2017   Expo Astana: projects presented in Lebanon, Botswana, the Maldives, Lesotho and the Small Pacific Islands
    03/09/2017   Expo Astana: Seminar on the future of renewable energy in cooperation for sustainable development
    06/07/2017   “Renewable energy dialogue between Botswana and Italy”: Italian and Botswanan companies discussing renewables
    05/07/2017   Fourth meeting of the Joint Committee: approved projects on eco-building and early warning systems
    29/06/2017   Event on “Development of Renewable Energy” in Botswana (Radio News)
    26/06/2017   Renewable energy in Botswana: expression of interest for Italian companies
    31/03/2017   Third Joint Committee meeting in Italy: "Early Warning" and "Greening buildings" priorities in the country
    19/12/2016   Technical mission to Botswana to define cooperation priorities
    24/10/2016   Second Joint Committee meeting in Botswana approves the first projects
    27/04/2016   First Joint Committee meeting: renewable energy and climate smart agriculture in first place




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