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    Memorandum of Understanding (December 2015 - December 2020)

Cooperation in the field of climate change vulnerability, risk assessment, adaptation and mitigation

Counterpart: Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Maldives

Budget: 4 million Euros
Intervention areas:

• improve weather risk governance through early warning systems;
• support water management and treatment, also through desalination processes;
• promote renewable energies, strengthen the technical skills of local experts operating in the field of environmental management through environmental education and training activities.

- Memorandum of Understanding Italy - Maldives (December 9, 2015, EN, IT
- Amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding (October 12, 2017, EN)
- Maldives Work Programme (March 10, 2016, EN



    06/09/2018    Fourth Joint Committee Meeting: New project to support the Maldives Meteorological Institute
    19/12/2017    The CAE company wins the tender for the construction of 25 automatic weather stations in the Maldives
    12/10/2017    Third meeting of the Joint Committee: approved a project for the prediction of wave motion
    09/10/2017    Maldives: Ministerial conference on renewables in the Small Islands
    03/09/2017    Expo Astana: presented projects in Lebanon, Botswana, Maldives, Lesotho and Small Pacific Islands
    03/09/2017    Expo Astana: Seminar on the future of renewable energy in cooperation for sustainable development
    03/07/2017    Tender for the construction of 25 automatic weather stations in the Maldives
    16/11/2016    COP 22: side event on adaptation to climate change in the Maldives
    10/03/2016    First meeting of the Joint Committee: soon projects on warning systems, water treatment and renewables



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