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Memorandum of Understanding (Bethlehem, February 2016 - February 2026) 

Counterparty: the Environment Quality Authority of Palestine, (EQA)

Intervertion areas:

  • waste management;
  • reduction of air pollution;
  • fight against soil degradation;
  • protection of biodiversity;
  • management of protected areas;
  • institutional support to the EQA in view of the improvement, (also through the use of satellite images), of the state of the environment monitoring system, and of the environmental and strategic impact assessment;
  • strengthening of the legal and institutional framework for the defense and protection of the environment;
  • assistance in environmental monitoring and planning, also to ensure compliance with the commitments undertaken in the international context;
  • support for the strengthening of pollution prevention mechanisms, in particular through the analysis of air quality, the hazardous waste management and the recovery of olive oil production waste;
  • education and awareness campaigns in favor of environmental protection aimed at the local population;
  • activities for the improvement of land use (Land Use).


- Memorandum of Understanding Italy - Palestine (February 23, 2016, EN, EN
- Work Plan Palestine (May 26, 2016, EN)



    23/10/2019   New information on the tender documents for the tender on the Biodiversity Strategy
    09/10/2019   Call for the update of the National Strategy on Biodiversity
    13/12/2018   Third meeting of the Joint Committee: proposals on biodiversity and air quality presented
    02/11/2016   Second meeting of the Joint Committee in Palestine
    26/05/2016   First meeting of the Joint Committee in Ramallah


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