Meeting between MASE and MiNAM

November 9, 2022. On the sidelines of COP27, the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, (MASE), met the Ministry of the Environment of Peru, (MiNAM). MiNAM was represented by Dr. Milagros Sandoval, General Director of the "Climate Change and Desertification" (DGCCD) of the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment, while the Director Roberta Ronzitti was present for MASE. The meeting made it possible to explore the steps to be taken once the new MoU is signed. MASE shared the need to follow new templates useful for managing the entire project cycle, (Concept Notes, Full Project Proposal FPP, interim and final reports and external evaluations).

There was, then, an exchange on the ongoing project Supporting NDC’s implementing in Peru, which is considered a best practice, and which will be concluded in May 2023.


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