Fourth meeting of the Joint Committee: Energy refurbishment of four health centers in Lesotho approved


Katowice, December 6, 2018 - The fourth meeting of the Joint Committee was held on the sidelines of the UN Conference on Climate Change. The parties have evaluated and approved the first report produced by Enea on the wind, solar and hydrological potential of Lesotho, as part of the Renewable energy potential maps for Lesotho project.

The Committee also approved the ‘Energy refurbishment of four health centers in Lesotho’ project which will allow the energy requalification of 4 clinics in the rural district of Leribe. Actions will be promoted for the energy efficiency of buildings, and systems will be installed to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources, thus improving access to energy, air quality and services as well as determining a substantial reduction in management costs.

Finally, a proposal for an agreement was presented and discussed regarding the reduction of interest rates linked to loans in the sectors of energy efficiency and the production of energy from renewable sources involving Italian companies and/or technologies. The agreement provides for the allocation of a contribution, from the MATTM to the Central Bank of Lesotho, to cover the interest rates required by the major commercial banks in the country.


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