First Joint Committee in Johannesburg: Work Plan approved


Johannesburg, October 20, 2016 – The first Joint Committee, set up under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Italian Ministry of the Environment, land and Sea and the Ministry of Energy and Meteorology of the kingdom of Lesotho, took place today. The Italian delegation, led by the Director General Francesco La Camera, met a large delegation of the Ministry of Lesotho, led by the Principal Secretary, Emmanuel Lesoma, by the Director of the Lesotho Meteorological Service, Mabafokeng Mahahabisa, by the Administrative Manager Mampoi Keta and by the Legal Department Manager Lisabako Kali.

During the meeting, the documents that will regulate the cooperation between the two countries were discussed and approved, (rules of procedure, guiding principles for the implementation of bilateral cooperation, financial agreement).

Furthermore, the medium-term work plan, which provides for the following areas of collaboration, was approved :

  • Energy: promotion and development of renewable energies;
  • Emissions accounting: development of a national system for measurement, reporting and verification of GHG emissions;
  • Forestry sector: actions to counter the process of deforestation and forest degradation, in synergy with the United Nations REDD+ Programme 


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