April 18, 2023 - First meeting of the Joint Committee


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Rome, April 18, 2023

On April 18, the first meeting of the Joint Committee, (JC), was held in video conference mode in the framework of the new Memorandum of Understanding, (MoU), which MASE signed on December 2 in Rome with the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development of Morocco.

The JC approved the documents necessary for the correct functioning of the cooperation: Guiding Principles and Rules of Procedures, and it was an opportunity for Morocco to present the progress of the five projects inherited from the previous agreement, which are still ongoing, with the commitment to accelerate its implementation.

The head of the delegation for Morocco, the Director Rachid Firadi, expressed great satisfaction for the positive impact that the projects, co-financed by MASE for a total amount of € 2,753,497. The Director Roberta Ronzitti, head of the delegation of our Ministry, has underlined the importance of environmental cooperation with Morocco, for us, and complimented the good work done so far, announcing her intention to organize shortly a technical field visit.

The Joint Committee has identified combating plastic pollution and managing the cycle of materials and plastic waste, as well as the protection of biodiversity and energy transition, addressed both in terms of production from renewable sources and greater efficiency, as possible areas of future cooperation.

On the sidelines of the committee, MASE presented to the counterparty the opportunities offered by the Italian Climate Fund which, in the coming years, will make available total resources of 840 million Euros per year, until 2026, for projects to mitigate the impact of climate change and energy transition.

Fonte immagine: MASE - DG AEI


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