First technical mission Ministry of the Environment - ENEA in Swaziland

Mbabane, October 25, 2017 – Between October 23 and 25, experts from the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea, supported by a group of technicians from ENEA, carried out a technical mission to Mbabane and Manzini, in Swaziland, to focus the bilateral cooperation priorities within the framework of the Protocol signed with the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Tourism in May 2017.

The mission was the occasion for bilateral meetings with ministries and departments responsible for energy, water, meteorology and agriculture, which led to the identification of project proposals in many sectors. Some of these, considered of utmost importance by the counterpart, will be brought to the attention of the next Joint Committee to evaluate their possible inclusion in the short-term work program.

The priority actions include the strengthening of the country's weather forecast and warning system, (in collaboration with the Meteorological Service), the energy efficiency of some pavilions of the Manzini hospital, (in collaboration with the Department of Energy), and the support of the livestock sector, particularly affected by the recent droughts, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.



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