Eligibility: who gets “Made Green in Italy” logo

The environmental footprint assessment calculates the values of the environmental indicators concerning the three main impact categories identified by the appropriate PCRs.

Obtained value are compared with the benchmark value defined within the PCRs themselves, i.e. a reference value obtained by aggregating the three main impact indicators through normalization and weighting.

The Regulation foresees products classification based on three performance classes:

  • class A – products with better performance than the benchmark;
  • class B - products with the same or close performance to the benchmark;
  • class C - products with worse performance than the benchmark.

The products that can obtain “Made Green in Italy” logo are those with environmental performance equal to or higher than the reference benchmark (class A and class B products).

Class C products cannot obtain the use of the logo.

Class B products can obtain the use of the logo but must foresee an improvement plan to be implemented within the three-year validity of the license to use.



Source URL: https://www.mase.gov.it/pagina/eligibility-who-gets-made-green-italy-logo