Hydrogen Global: verso un’economia all’idrogeno

“Hydrogen Global” is a new platform to gather scattered efforts from around the world working on bringing clean hydrogen to the energy mix as part of the transition to decarbonize economies. An initiative launched by the World Energy Council, “Hydrogen Global” aims at showcasing efforts from all corners of the world in order to show the strength of this work to bring clean hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels to complement electrification. “Hydrogen Global” includes parties that commit to consume, support, and invest in blue and green hydrogen for mobility, power systems, heating, long-term storage and industrial services. Hydrogen is expected to play a major role in energy storage, both with and without renewable energy systems. Hydrogen uses will be a main part of Lebanon’s action plans for the next decade.



Source URL: https://www.mase.gov.it/pagina/hydrogen-global-verso-un-economia-all-idrogeno