The agreement

Signed in November 2019, the Memorandum of Understanding  between Italy and the Turkmen Republic aims to strengthen and coordinate actions to combat global climate change and address its negative effects.

The Agreement provides in particular that the parties collaborate, through joint projects, technology transfer, exchange of information and experts, joint organization of workshops, seminars and meetings, on the following areas of interest:

  • Implementation, monitoring, reporting and communication of nationally determined contributions (NDC);

• Reduction of deforestation and forest degradation, sustainable forest management, enhancement of forest carbon stocks and recycling of forest waste for energy creation;
• Capacity building for the implementation of mechanisms within the UNFCCC and related tools;
• Protection of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources;
• Stimulation and dissemination of economic and technological transformation towards a low-carbon economy and the Green Economy;
• Promotion and development of the use of renewable energy;
• Adaptation to climate change;
• Educational campaigns and awareness raising on mitigation and adaptation to climate change;
• Monitoring of air quality;
• Integrated environmental management of maritime and coastal areas;
• Sustainable waste management;
• Sustainable land management.


Memorandum of Understanding Italy - Turkmen Republic (November 2019, IT, EN, TM



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